Polemic on the party question and decadence

посткап / post-cap


Comrades from IGCL established contacts with our group and launched a debate on the issue of the party and the concept of the decadence of capitalism. Adopting the Left Communist faction’s theoretical developments of the late 1930s; IGCL defends the position that capitalism is in decline since 1914, which is similar to the permanent crisis. For this reason, advocates for the theory of the decline completely deny the dynamics and the need for the trade unions and parliamentary democracy. On the other hand, in the IGCL’s theses about the party question, the councilist’s influence is felt when they insist that the emancipation of the working class cannot be handled by the party. Continuing to protect a non-political definition of the class, IGCL preferred to criticize one of the most fundamental documents of the Left Communists «The origin and function of the party form» that was collected from Marx’s works over the years.

The original text of polemic: English, French.

Since IGCL failed to publish our last response we would like to present it here.

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