Interview with Member of Communization Movement from Greece

Introductory Notes from post-cap.

There was the one of the most keenly expressed crisis situations in Greece for the last several years. Austerity measures to which the state resorts are directly related to the global economic crisis that began in 2007. High economic growth rates in Greece were highly dependent on capital inflows, and therefore suddenly appeared threat of bankruptcy was caused by heavy economic dependence on the external flows of value. Greece has become one of the countries which assumed the consequences of the international crisis. The Greek state has reorganized the economy to save the private sector. Unemployment, cuts in public budgets actually led to the loss of the status of «social state» (if such a term is appropriate). Protests, nationwide strikes, clashes with the police in a few years became a usual thing for the country. For us, under the circumstances, the Greek events are the one of the sources of modern practices that needed to be conscious. Continue reading Interview with Member of Communization Movement from Greece